InterCHARM Korea 2023 2023년 8월 30일(수) ~ 9월 1일(금) / 3일간

참가업체 리스트

뷰티랜드코리아 주식회사

Make up and Color Cosmetics, Skin Care, Facial Masks

Booth No. B36


Facial Masks, Skin Care, Body Care, Cleansing Products, Cosmeceutical Products

Booth No. E31


Skin Care, Contract Manufacturing(OEM/ODM), Hair Care Products

Booth No. E38


Derma Cosmetics, Skin Care, Make up and Color Cosmetics

Booth No. E03


Make up and Color Cosmetics, Skin Care

Booth No. A04


Derma Cosmetics, Skin Care

Booth No. C23


Skin Care, Natural & Organic Cosmetics, Hair Care Products, Scalp Care Products, Cleansing Products

Booth No. I26


Skin Care, Body Care

Booth No. F01


Skin Care, Contract Manufacturing(OEM/ODM)

Booth No. D47

삼조 웰폼

Nail Tools/Equipment, Others, Brands/Manufacturer(Bath & Body Care), Others, Body Care

Booth No. F07