InterCHARM Korea 2024 2024년 7월 24일(수) ~ 7월 26일(금) / 3일간

2023 참가업체 리스트


Contract Manufacturing(OEM/ODM), Brands/Manufacturer(Skin Care), Skin Care, Cosmeceutical Products, Laser/IPL/RF/Multi

Booth No. L02

주식회사 네모난오렌지

Others, Contract Manufacturing(OEM/ODM), Brands/Manufacturer(Bath & Body Care), Brands/Manufacturer(Make up), Brands/Manufacturer(Skin Care)

Booth No. M04

(주) 네오제네시스

Thread Lifts and Fillers, Skin Care

Booth No. F36


Skin Care, Brands/Manufacturer(Skin Care)

Booth No.


Skin Care, Thread Lifts and Fillers, Laser/IPL/RF/Multi, Cosmeceutical Products, Peeling

Booth No. Q16


Skin Care, Brands/Manufacturer(Skin Care), Slimming Massage, Skin/Body Diagnosis Equipment

Booth No. Q51


Hair Care Products, Skin Care

Booth No. H09

주식회사 뉴앤뉴

Contract Manufacturing(OEM/ODM), Skin Care, Make up and Color Cosmetics, Derma Cosmetics, Cleansing Products

Booth No. F52


Brands/Manufacturer(Medical & Beauty Equipment), Home Aesthetic Device

Booth No. A14


Skin Care, Facial Masks, Cleansing Products, Men’s Care, Make up and Color Cosmetics

Booth No.