InterCHARM Korea 2020 2020년 12월 17일(목) – 19일(토) / 서울 COEX, Hall C

참가업체 리스트


Ingredients/Formulations, Others

Booth No. H11, H12


Skin Care, Facial Masks

Booth No. I31


Skin Care, Brands/Manufacturer(Medical & Beauty Equipment), Brands/Manufacturer(Skin Care), Skin/Body Diagnosis Equipment, Brands/Manufacturer(Bath & Body Care)

Booth No. J09

주식회사 백코리아

Make up and Color Cosmetics

Booth No. C26


Body Care, Contract Manufacturing(OEM/ODM), Nail Tools/Equipment

Booth No. E06


Body Care, Brands/Manufacturer(Hair Care)

Booth No. I26


Skin Care, Facial Masks, Body Care

Booth No. D06


Cosmeceutical Products, Hair Care Products, Contract Manufacturing(OEM/ODM)

Booth No. C36


Skin Care, Brands/Manufacturer(Skin Care), Make up and Color Cosmetics, Cleansing Products, Cosmeceutical Products

Booth No. F17


Contract Manufacturing(OEM/ODM), Brands/Manufacturer(Make up), Make up and Color Cosmetics

Booth No. A03