InterCHARM Korea 2024 July 24 - July 26, 2024

Participation Policy / Rules & Regulations

1. Definition of Terms A. “Exhibitors” are companies, associations, individuals and organizations, which submit contract form for the exhibition. B. “Exhibition” is InterCHARM Korea 2023. C. “Organizers”are Reed K. Fairs Ltd., and SeoulMESSE Co., Ltd. 2. Participation and Contract A. Those who want to participate in the event shall complete the contract form and submit it to the Organizers. 3. Allocation of Stands A. The Organizers will assign space in order of application and payment. B. If necessary, in consideration of effects, efficiency, and harmony of the exhibition, the Organizers reserve the right to change the location, which is assigned to Exhibitors. This is at the discretion of the Organizers, and Exhibitors cannot ask for compensation as a result of change. 4. Exhibition Stand Management A. Exhibitors shall display exhibits shown on their application and provide staff to manage their stand. B. In the case that Exhibitors display different exhibits from their original display lists or sell them without the permission of the Organizers, the Organizers can order the immediate withdrawal, take out and cancellation of the exhibit. In this case, the participation fee will not be returned and the Exhibitor cannot demand compensation. C. The Organizers reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to deny entry to any individual it deems inappropriate to access the premises. D. The Exhibitor cannot transfer all or some of their allocated space without the written consent of the Organizers. E. Exhibitors are forbidden to alter the exhibition’s original state, including but not exclusive to, painting the floor, ceiling, pillars or walls of the exhibition and shall be responsible for compensating the Organizers for any loss or damage arising from improper management of their exhibit. 5. Payment Conditions A. Exhibitors shall pay 50% of the participation fee within 7 days of sending their completed application and should pay the remainder by June 23, 2023. B. If Exhibitor does not pay the full balance within the specified period, the Organizers reserve the right to cancel Exhibitor's participation contract and in this case, any paid monies shall not be returned. C. Under the Korean VAT law, zero-rated VAT is available on supply of certain services provided by a taxpayer under the condition that such services are provided to a Korean nonresident or foreign enterprise having no PE in Korea and the taxpayer receives consideration for such supply in foreign currency. Moreover, in accordance with a tax amendment applied to services supplied on or after July 1, 2016, in case business support services which include exhibition and trade fair organization agencies are supplied to the Korean nonresident or foreign enterprise without having a PE in Korea, zero-rated VAT will apply only if the foreign country counterpart where the nonresident or foreign enterprise was established gives similar VAT treatment (including VAT exemption) on the supply of those services provided to a Korean resident (i.e. application of zero-rated VAT on a reciprocal basis). 6. Cancellation and Change of the exhibition A. If the exhibition is cancelled by the Organizers, the participation fee paid will be returned to Exhibitors. However, if force majeure or a specific condition causes the cancellation, changes the opening day or reduces the show period, then the fee shall not be reimbursed. B. If Exhibitors refuse to use their allotted stand or do not pay the participation fee within the specified period, the Organizers can unilaterally cancel the contract, and in this case, any paid monies shall not be returned. C. If Exhibitors wish to cancel the contract, they are required to notify their intent in formal writing to the Organizers by 60 days prior to the Exhibition commences, and in this case, any paid monies shall not be returned. D. Exhibitors shall not cancel their contract from 60 days prior to the Exhibition commences. If Exhibitors do give up their participation, any paid monies shall not be returned, and they are required to pay 80% of the total participation fee if the remaining days from the Exhibition commencement are within 60 days, and 100% of the total participation fee if the remaining days from the Exhibition commencement are within 30 days. 7. Construction and Display of Exhibits A. Exhibitors should complete the display of equipment and exhibits in their assigned area. If extra time is required for construction, Exhibitors require approval from the Organizers and must pay for any extra-incurred costs. All stand constructing companies (contractors) are to be registered at COEX. 8. Disassembly of Exhibits and Equipment A. Exhibitors shall take out all the equipment and exhibits during the dismantling period and in the case of delay, they should immediately pay all the costs, which the Organizers bear consequently. 9. Security A. The Organizers shall make appropriate arrangements for the protection of the exhibition, exhibitors and visitors. B. The Organizers shall not be responsible for any damage or theft of exhibits and equipment during build-up, exhibition, and dismantling periods. 10. Fire Regulations A. All materials, including decorative items used in the exhibition should be non-flammable according to the Fire Services Act. 11. Supplementary Regulations A. If necessary, the organizers reserve the right to establish supplementary regulations that are not originally published in the participation terms & conditions. B. Any supplementary regulations shall become a part of the participation conditions and Exhibitors will be expected to fully abide by them. 12. Dispute Settlement A. In the event of a possible dispute as to the interpretation of the participation conditions between the Organizers and Exhibitors or their rights and duties, the final decision will be the judgment of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and no lawsuit can be brought against the decision.

Privacy Policy

Consent to collection use of personal information for visiting the exhibition and issuing electronic business card pass Please read it carefully before deciding whether to agree or not as Reed K. Fairs Ltd. and SeoulMESSE Co., Ltd. intends to collect and use personal information as follows in connection with the exhibition. * Collection/Use Items - Required items: name, company name, mobile phone number, email, position, address - Optional items: Fax, company address, survey response (purpose of visit, fields of interest, “How did you hear about us?” etc.) * Purpose of Collection/Use The purpose of collection/use is to identify visitors and issue exhibition pass, deliver exhibition information and notices, and utilize analytical data for exhibition certification. Also, during the exhibition period, on-site photography and video shooting will be held. Photographs and videos taken may be used as promotional materials for the exhibition. In this case, you may request mosaic processing or refuse to use the video. * Retention period For 3 years from the date of provision. However, if separate consent for the collection and use of personal information is obtained after the retention period ends, the retention period can be extended once and retained continuously. * Entrusted Handling of Collected Personal Information The exhibition entrusts personal information to improve its service as follows and stipulates necessary matters so that personal information can be safely managed in the entrustment agreement in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for detailed data on the entrustment contents. [Personal Information Entrustees] 1. Entrustee : MANDOO Communication Details of the Entrusted Duties : Maintenance 2. Entrustee : SYSFORU Details of the Entrusted Duties : Operation of Visitor Registration System and Electronic Business Card System for Exhibition 3. Entrustee : Reed Exhibitions Korea Details of the Entrusted Duties : Management and Analysis Support 4. Entrustee : Joong Ang Exhibition Co., Ltd. Details of the Entrusted Duties : Standard/Premium Shell Scheme Construction 5. Entrustee : Korea Cosmetic Industry News Details of the Entrusted Duties : Production and Distribution of Show Directory 6. Entrustee : KEMI-LEE Details of the Entrusted Duties : Freight Forwarder 7. Entrustee : Naver / GIU Details of the Entrusted Duties : Online Live Commerce Platform 8. Entrustee : Woori DM / CJ Courier / Lozen Courier Details of the Entrusted Duties : Production and Sending of DM 9. Entrustee : Mail Link / Cheom Soft / Xpedite / IMO Details of the Entrusted Duties : Mass Message Delivery Agent 10. Entrustee : KAKAO Details of the Entrusted Duties : Mass Message Delivery Agent 11. Entrustee : The BM Details of the Entrusted Duties : Matchmaking Program Agent 12. Entrustee : Ministry of Health and Welfare / Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency / Gangnam-gu Office Details of the Entrusted Duties : Details of the Entrusted Duties: Prevention of infectious diseases and epidemiological investigation when confirmed COVID-19 cases occur. [Entrustee for Overseas Transfer of Personal Information] Entrustee name : Reed Elsevier Shared Services (Philippines) Inc Contact : +632 2732429 Purpose of transfer : Marketing Research /Survey Transferred privacy items : Email Transferred country : Philippines Time ad method of transfer : Delivered by email if necessary Period of use of personal data : During the retention period of personal information ■ Provision of personal information to third parties Personal information collected at this exhibition may be provided to entrustee other than the Association of Korean Exhibition Industry (AKEI) and Seoul Tourism Organization(STO) for [3 years from the date of provision] for verification of the exhibition.