InterCHARM Korea 2022 2022년 9월 21일(수) – 23일(금)

SOROSE | The SO Company GmbH

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    Lucy Leiter

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    Cosmetics > Skin Care

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Established in 2015, our company headquarters is based in Munich / Germany, near the beautiful Bavarian Alps.
The SOROSE team consists of 35 highly qualified pharmacists and chemists with extensive experience in the development of functional, natural vegan skincare and production of dermatological cosmetics. We have two R&D laboratories in Germany, equipped with the latest advances in technology to ensure excellent products. The brand SOROSE is currently represented at some of the best beauty addresses in the world, both in-store and online. SOROSE offers an exquisite selection of highly efficient, all organic skin problem solving facial toners & skin care products. The products are based on 100% pure natural rose water which is produced in a traditional, protected manufacturing process and enriched with exclusive ingredients such as Japanese sake lees ferment, Green Tea or Edelweiss extract from the German Alps.


브랜드명 : SOROSE

The brand SOROSE offers an exquisite selection of 100% organic skin problem solving facial toners and highly efficient skincare products. Excluding complicated steps, we’re all about getting the essence of things. Our skincare line focuses on the intrinsic of product’s function. Simple but yet comprehensive enough to reinforce the skin’s original strength. We provide key solutions for a healthier skin, protecting it from harmful environment, irritating ingredients and stress. All SOROSE products are based on natural ingredients and organic plant extracts of the highest quality. They are free of alcohol, parabens and other preservatives, silicones, surfactants, dyes and artificial fragrances.