InterCHARM Korea 2021 September 15 - 17, 2021 / COEX in SEOUL

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    Bae Se Chul

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Company Information

Jung Cosmetic Co., Ltd. launched "ESSELLOBNC," a brand specializing in probiotics cosmetic, in 2018, and is making high-functional cosmetics that contain "bifida ferment filtrate," a type of "bifidus lactobacillus" that is effective in improving skin barriers and skin health. In addition, the company is actively applying "hot spring water," a local resource in Asan, where the company is located, to develop new products, and currently contains hot spring water from Dogo in four products, including Triple Luster Mist. Furthermore, Jung Cosmetics Co., Ltd. plans to continue to study new brand products using microbiome and launch them.

Product Information

Brand name : The ESSELLOBNC Crystal White Kit is a kit that allows you to see the glow skin, pore contraction, skin trouble care, and lifting effects at once. It consists of a Timing solution, a Time serum, and a Revolution cream, and it uses 10 patented natural ingredients to safely remove dead skin cells and this is Stabilized GA (30% Glycolic Acid) peeling method that creates a clear and soft skin texture. In particular, Time Serum and Revolution Cream contain Bifida ferment filtrate, a bifidus lactobacillus, which is absorbed by the exfoliated skin and helps restore skin barrier to young skin.