InterCHARM Korea 2020 December 17 - 19, 2020 / COEX in SEOUL

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    Kim JoongYeob

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    Cosmetics > Skin Care, Manufacturing > Contract Manufacturing(OEM/ODM), Manufacturing > Brands/Manufacturer(Skin Care), Others > Others

Company Information

Beauren Korea is striving to develop its own ingredients to prevent skin aging, and we are researching and developing a mechanism to select healthy ingredients from the skin to make the skin healthy.
We will lead the world's beauty market by spreading the beauty of Korea, which has emerged as a new standard in the global cosmetics market and introducing original products that apply beauty trends and advanced technology.

Product Information

Brand name : The Miracle Tox Perfection Program is a double functional cosmetic product(whitening/wrinkle) using a patent ingredient called 'Microspear' and it has three steps: Tox Ampoule, Mask Pack, and Feel Cream. The 'Microspear' formulated in the Tox ampoule reach the base layer of the skin, deliver nutrients evenly to the inside of the epidermal layer, and promote cell division, thereby accelerating the keratinization cycle. In addition, 'Microspear' are coated with ingredients of sulfuric acid (sedative, anti-inflammatory) to minimize irritation to the skin.