InterCHARM Korea 2020 December 17 - 19, 2020 / COEX in SEOUL

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Company Information

BCBcos is a dermatologist-specialized cosmetics company established in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea in 2012.
BCBcos posess a cosmeceutical brand, 'ELAFIN' that prescribed by dermatology doctors in Korea.
'ELAFIN' possess about 100 cosmetic products.
Our cosmetic brand 'ELAFIN' is not just cosmetic but unlimited skincare system.
So 'ELAFIN' is safe so much because of a policy like unlimited skincare system.
Our cosmetics brand 'ELAFIN' not only supplies cosmetics, but also provides unlimited skin care systems, including treatment feedback on skin problems, education, seminars and development meetings.
We are expecting a lot of growth.
Therefore, we look forward to growing up with you.

Product Information

Brand name : By combining with the lipid layers of the skin, which protect skin, in a magnet principle, the moisturizing and regenerating layers are formed. The superior cell reactivation function of PECScomplex creates a natural moisturizing and regenerating layers to provide anexcellent effect on the skin that went through cosmetic procedures. It also makes the skin smooth and shiny and helps to reinforce the skin barriers.