InterCHARM Korea 2020 December 17 - 19, 2020 / COEX in SEOUL

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    Ethan Kim

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    Cosmetics > Body Care, Manufacturing > Contract Manufacturing(OEM/ODM), Nail Salon > Nail Tools/Equipment, Others > , Medical & Beauty Equipment >

Company Information

BELOTTY has pursued excellence in quality and high-designs in efforts to meet customers' specific requirements
through continued R&D efforts.
The all system and facility, from design to production and packing, are equipped by oneself.
We are ready to deliver quality products convenient to use on schedule at competitive prices.
▶ Company published Since 1986.
▶ Booth participation in the world beauty exhibition (ex, Intercharm, Cosmoprof) Since 2004.
▶ Selling goods to all over the world .: Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukrain, Dubai, etc.
Regarding customers' satisfaction as the reason for our existence, we do what we can help customers
exert their utmost capabilities and create new values. And it is our aim to keep mutual growth together.
- Having what customers want reflected in goods
- Having all different packaging mold,
- Invest much in developing new items.
- Sheer technological prowess and knowhow
- Perfect products quality and finish

Product Information

Brand name : Double side stainless steel foot files.
It is produced with stainless steel and it shapes convex which will help you work a lot easier.
Also handle part is ergonomically designed which will help to push with less power.
This is super star seller on online shops and Europien countries.